What is it about?

The main goal if this blog is to share an exceptional experience I’m having now: a year as an exchange student at Seoul. Through this blog I will write about sightseeing but also about some nice places I found in Seoul, about some festivals, punctual events… So follow me through Seoul’s streets!




This is something I should have done first: beginning by the beginning.


A little introduction:

« Beginnings

Dr. Yoo Suk-Chang (유석창) was known as a patriot during Japanese colonial rule founding a hospital and publishing a newsletter. Konkuk University was originally founded by Dr. Yoo as the Chosun Political Science School in May of 1946 based on Chien kuo University (만주 건국대학, 建国大学)’s materials in Hsinking, Manchukuo. 2 years later in May of 1948 the school was expanded with the Chosun Political Science Institute. In 1949 the names were changed to Political Science Foundation and Political Science College. At that time both were also « authorized as a formal higher education institution ». After a 1955 move to Jangan-dong, Seoul the names were again changed to Konkuk University Foundation and Konkuk University.


Konkuk University is an endowed educational institution and governed by the president and the board of Konkuk University foundation. The Seoul campus includes fifteen colleges, sixty-four departments, and eleven professional graduate schools. The Chungju campus includes five colleges, thirty-six departments. A total of 25,700 students are enrolled at these two campuses. Undergraduate programs are provided by each department of all colleges. Also general graduate programs are provided by each college. Besides professional schools among graduate schools are out of colleges. » Let’s trust Wikipedia on this one!


The bull, symbol of the university

Personal opinion:

It’s a very nice campus, very pleasant to live on. Very well located: inside of Seoul, nearby a big mall with a cinema and two subway entries, something very convenient.

Something I love about it is that you can have a walk through it and it’s like you were walking among a park. There is a very prolific vegetation, a lake with ducks and a little bridge (yes, important to mention). Trees are beautiful, especially at this time of the year: a lot of ginkgos, a tree called in France « the tree of thousand ecus » (ecus were gold coins during Middle Age in France) because of its gold leaves.


Everything you need is on the campus: cafeteria, cafés, hairdresser, minimarket, bakery, restaurant… And there are a lot of fields to practice sports: baseball, basketball, football…

And another thing I love about this place is having a bakery and a minimarket at the foot of the girl’s dorms, that close at 1 am. So if you suddenly want Oreos at midnight, it takes you 5 minutes to get some!

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